Things to Know When Moving to Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas can be an exciting experience, especially if moving from a small town with few entertainment options available. With no closing times, feasible taxes and a low cost of living, moving to Las Vegas, NV could be the best choice you and your family ever make.

Most residents find Vegas the ultimate living destination for it’s unique combination of big city amenities and small suburban communities. Southern Nevada provides an abundance of sunlight, travel options and world class dining to please even the most incredulous visitor.

Not everyone in Las Vegas lives the 24/7 lifestyle. If the nightclubs are calling your name, there are plenty of opportunities to get your fix. But for most Las Vegas residents, life goes on just like in any other city in the country. With students taking classes at UNLV, an abundance of 9-5 desk jobs, senior living options and a plethora of golf courses, Las Vegas can truly be Anytown, USA.

Finding employment in Las Vegas is easier than in most cities, as new opportunities are opening up daily. Aside from city specific jobs like working in a casino or hotel, new sectors of the health and furnishing industries are keeping Nevadans busy at work.

With Las Vegas being such a big city, there are many different areas for you and your family to establish a new life. From the suburbs of Henderson and Summerlin to the excitement of Downtown Las Vegas, there’s something for everyone in Southern Nevada. Here are some of the pros of living in different sections of Las Vegas.


This suburb is ideal for those that want to avoid the Strip, but also want an exciting lifestyle with many unique entertainment and dining options. Henderson features many gorgeous housing communities that can accommodate everyone’s interest. Lake Las Vegas offers a beautiful view of the glistening lake, while Anthem is a relaxing country club community with a world class golf course.


People move to Summerlin to get away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. With planned communities perfect for young professionals and families, Summerlin is a great choice for those who wish to maintain a low profile in Southern Nevada.

Downtown Las Vegas

Residential areas may be limited, but the excitement that Downtown Las Vegas offers is well worth the effort of finding a living space. Containing the ever-changing Fremont East, Downtown Las Vegas is the choice for younger people looking to make a splash in Sin City.

North Las Vegas

As an area of town that has been on the rise in recent years, North Las Vegas offers residents plenty of commercial, entertainment and dining options. In addition to its many features, housing in North Las Vegas is some of the most affordable within the valley.

Las Vegas Strip

Live in luxury and style as you look out of the window of your high rise condo to get a front row view of the Las Vegas Strip. There are many beautiful condos to choose from just steps away from your favorite Strip Casinos. These are ideal for college students wanting to party because many are just minutes away from UNLV campus.

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